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About Me

– I am a  cardiothoracic ICU RN formerly from Western PA. 

– I am a huge animal lover and currently we have 2 dogs (more about them in a bit).

– I fill my time with my obsession with crafting (I have an Etsy store) and my lifelong love of books.

– I love to read, I have way more books than I will ever get through, and I made my husband promise that he will cremate my TBR stacks with me when I die so I can take them with me to the great big afterlife in the sky.

– I read all types of fiction, Classics, Historical, Literary, Psychological Thrillers, Horror (Stephen King), Crime Fiction (Patricia Cornwell), Mystery, Medical, and good old Chiclit. I will read nonfiction but it depends on the topic. Give me some medical drama any day.


About My Pets

My home life mostly revolves around my pets. I live for my animals and someday hope to foster when we are able. So it would just be expected that I include them in my bio, since they are a direct extension of my body at all times. We are down to two right now, we lost our Sheepdog Stella in 2018 and then 3 months later tragically lost our cat Amos. I wanted to include their pictures below because they will always be family.  


Amos napping on War and Peace
Stella under her “squirrel tree”

Winston is my Cotton de Tulear. He will be 11 in May 2019. This dog has been attached to me since the day we got him and has not left my side since. I could go on and on about this little guy, but there are not enough words. There is not a moment that I am not within arms length of this dog, and for the most part he usually has to be touching me. Sometimes it’s unhealthy, especially when we want to go away, but I love him. I’m not sure what I will do when it’s his time to go. (Probably find out what it’s like to be in the bathroom alone). The thing about Winston is that he smiles. He’s been doing it since the first moment we laid eyes on each other, and he does it constantly when he’s happy. I have to pre-warn people about it because they think he showing his teeth. Winston is one of those dogs that you can have a full fledge conversation with and he knows what you’re saying and what you’re telling him to do. That doesn’t mean he listens.

One day when we came home……..
When you’re smiling…….

Nora. Oh Nora. If there is a sweeter more gentle dog, somebody please show me. Nora is a Tibetan Terrier we got from a breeder in NY. The breeder was going to show her (she was pick of the litter) but got terribly ill and couldn’t keep her. We lucked out. We got Nora because we were worried about Stella passing on us and didn’t want Winston to be alone. (It ended up we had Nora for 6 years before we lost Stella!!!!) This dog is a big furry muppet. I’m not kidding. You lift her up and her entire body goes flaccid like a stuffed doll. So relaxed. She actually became best friends with Amos, and the two of them had daily wrestling matches. She was so depressed when he passed. All Nora wants is to be held and cuddled and loved. She’s in the right home.

When mommy used to keep my hair long

Layin on my bed in daddy’s messy man cave


So yeah there’s like 8 million more dog pictures I want to post, but all in good time.


So just a little bit more about me…….

– I love Disney (we go every year), Dug from Up, and Snoopy.

– My husband got me hooked on The Walking Dead and I have replicas of Michonne’s sword and Negan’s bat.

 – I’m a die-hard Sammy Hagar fan (last year we went to see him in Cabo at his Birthday Bash).

– I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and that will NEVER change.

– My last 3 cars have been convertibles and I most recently got the car I’ve coveted my entire life.

– I love to play golf but suck at it. (I haven’t played for a few years because I’ve had 3 spinal surgeries and have more titanium in my back than in my golf bag).

– I have 2 nephews I barely see that I love more than anything, and I have a niece who not only has followed in my career path but has surpassed me by a mile, and there is nobody on earth who I am prouder of than her.  

 – I’ve read many, many, many more books than are on my goodeads profile.

– I am extremely well-educated an am a lot smarter than I let on.



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