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The Last Summer Sister

by Rachel Cullen

Publish Date January 31, 2021

by Lime Street Press



About The Last Summer Sister

The Summer sisters don’t have much in common other than shared DNA. But when their father’s untimely death reveals an earth-shattering secret, everything they thought they knew about their family — and their future — changes overnight.

Jen spent her childhood feeling like the ugly duckling, while Lynn longed to be appreciated for something other than her looks. Consequently, both sisters competed for their father’s affections but were never satisfied. Jen still hasn’t forgiven Lynn for fleeing to California to follow her dreams, leaving Jen to tend to their father and the family insurance business in Chicago’s North Shore suburbs. Meanwhile, Lynn is living in exile in Los Angeles, forced to endure the pain of her humiliating divorce in silence because she is too ashamed to reveal her mistakes to her perfect older sister.

As the youngest member of the trio, Courtney’s life is also turned upside down due to her father’s death, only for an entirely different reason; Courtney didn’t even know he existed until after he was gone. Now she has to figure out what life looks like with two older sisters who can’t stand each other while attempting to piece together her fractured youth.

Although this tragedy should bring the sisters together, the depth of their father’s betrayal coupled with their tumultuous past makes reconciliation nearly impossible. Only time will tell if the bonds of sisterhood are strong enough to mend past transgressions or if the sisters, and their secrets, will destroy the Summer family forever.



My thoughts

The Last Summer Sister by Rachel Cullen was an unputdownable read. This is the second book I’ve read by Rachel, and the previous book was one of my absolute favorites of last year – First Came Us – which was just as much as a page turner as this latest release, and proves what a captivating and talented writer Cullen has become.

This latest novel is about the Summer sisters. The relationship between sisters Jennifer and and Lynn has always been a challenge. The relationship is strained over years of jealousy and Lynn’s decision to leave home to follow her own dreams leaving Jen home to care for their father and his business. When their father passes away, the sisters learn via will/lawyer that there is another Summer sibling – unbeknownst to them – named Courtney, who their father kept from them.

On top of this new revelation, the sisters each have their own problematic personal lives that they are already trying to work through, so the surprise discovery of another sister and the betrayal of their father just adds another complication to their lives. The attempt to bond as sisters and family becomes quite the undertaking for the girls, as more and more is revealed. Are the bonds of family strong enough to survive the deceptions of the past?

Another engrossing read by Rachel Cullen. This wonderful story depicts the emotions of betrayal, poor communication, marriage difficulties, selfish decisions, and sister drama just flawlessly. This story is told from multiple points of view, filling us in on what each character is feeling individually, and what each of them are holding back. You will develop a love – hate relationship with every one of them. It is a perfect read to show the importance of communication in any relationship, and the effect of keeping secrets. There is enough drama, twists and turns to keep you plowing through the pages to the very end to see how this family drama turns out. I guarantee you will walk away emotionally exhausted and completely satisfied. Another brilliant novel by Rachel Cullen. Highly recommend.

I just would like to thank Rachel Cullen,  Kate Rock from KateRockBookTours and Lime Street Press for the gifted copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.





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About the Author

Although I have always loved to write, my formal education did not focus on creative writing.  I graduated from Northwestern University with Honors in Religious Studies and then I earned my MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with a focus in marketing and finance.

Before I started writing, I worked in brand strategy consulting and marketing for over ten years, moving between San Francisco, London and Manhattan.  I currently live in Westchester, NY with my husband, three daughters, and two dogs (Cocoa and Graham).

I’ve written five books: The Way I’ve Heard It Should Be, Second Chances, Only Summer, First Came Us, and The Last Summer Sister.

You can find out more about Rachel here:



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  1. Thanks for that review. I’ll definitely have a look at this one.
    And may I say, I like that you always put “Be kind” at the end of your posts. I nod and say, yes I will, to myself each time!


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