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Christmas Ever After

by Karen Schaler

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About Christmas Ever After

• Paperback: 396 pages
• Publisher: Hawktale Publishing (September 29, 2020)

From Karen Schaler, the writer of the Netflix phenomenon A Christmas Prince and Hallmark’s Christmas Camp comes this new heartwarming holiday romance. Mamma Mia meets The Bachelorette in Christmas Ever After…

While promoting her next novel, a Christmas love story, author Riley Reynolds is caught off guard when she’s asked during a live national television interview how she can write about romance when she still hasn’t found “the one” herself. Scrambling for an answer, she quickly answers that she has had great love in her past and that love inspired her novels. Little does she know that this one offhanded remark will turn her world upside down. Three of her ex-boyfriends see the interview, and each, believing she’s talking about him, shows up for her Christmas Camp book event at the Christmas Lake Lodge, determined to rewrite his happily-ever-after with her! Over the festive weekend, Riley’s old boyfriends compete to win her heart, pulling out all the stops while planning the most romantic Christmas dates on the planet. Despite herself, Riley starts falling for each guy- again-but for different reasons. As Riley revisits each relationship and discovers more about herself, she embraces the magic of Christmas and finally finds true love and her own Christmas ever after…

Bonus Content: Christmas Ever After includes delicious original Christmas recipes and fun holiday crafts and activities.



My Thoughts

A new book by Karen Schaler? Of course, sign me up. The queen of holiday romance, dubbed “Christmas Karen” by the press, has finally released her newest holiday read on 9/29, and I’m thrilled to have gotten a copy.

Author Riley Reynolds is writing a “suggested by her publisher” Christmas book to win back her readers after her last book tanked. Problem is, Riley hasn’t celebrated Christmas since she was 8 years old, and knows nothing about a traditional Christmas. When she’s caught off guard in an interview, Riley leads the pubic to believe that her writing inspiration is “the one that got away,” but unfortunately thats not true.
When 3 of her ex boyfriends who heard her interview, show up at her book event at Christmas Lake Lodge, Riley has a whirlwind weekend as each one of them try to win her back. Having feelings again for each one, Riley starts to discover more about herself, about Christmas magic, and what she wants for herself. Does Riley finally find true love? You have to read it to find out.

Looking for holiday warm fuzzies? Go no further. CHRISTMAS EVER AFTER is the epitome of the holiday romcom novel.  Karen Schaler has given us the cozy Christmas feels once again and she nails it. Riley is the frustratingly quirky and adorable lead character with all the drama that we love to read about. She has a supporting cast that is easy to fall in love with bringing their own drama to the story as well. The Christmas Camp festivities at the lodge gives you all the “feelies” you’re looking for, making you want to pack your bag and head there yourself, and the heartwarming and sweet ending lets you close the book smiling. This is your Hallmark Christmas movie in book form, no kidding. I will always read anything Karen Schaler writes, because she makes me feel like everything is right in the world, at least when I’m reading.

This is a 5 star read and I highly recommend it and all of Karen’s Christmas books.

Thank you to @karenschaler @traveltherapy, and @tlcbooktours for the gifted copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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About Karen Schaler

Karen Schaler is a three-time Emmy Award–winning storyteller, screenwriter, author, journalist, and national TV host. Karen has written original Christmas movies for Netflix, Hallmark, and Lifetime, including the Netflix sensation A Christmas Prince, Hallmark’s Christmas Camp, and four books, Christmas Ever After, Finding Christmas, Christmas Camp, and Christmas Camp Wedding, earning her the nickname “Christmas Karen” in the press. Karen has also created a real-life Christmas Camp experience for grown-ups, held around the world, where she carefully curates and hosts magical holiday activities from her movies and books and the show Christmas Karen: Behind the Story. For Karen’s novel Finding Christmas she also wrote the movie. Traveling to more than sixty-five countries, Karen is the creator and host of Travel Therapy TV. All of Karen’s stories are uplifting and filled with heart and hope.

Find out more about Karen at her website, and connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.



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