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Book on the Bright Side presents 

Tales of the Countess

by author Cali Bird

published May 18, 2020

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Here is a little about the book:


How can a woman so capable at work be so useless at getting a man?

Kennington, London, 1998

The Countess of Kennington awakes one morning after a heavy night and realises it all has to stop.

She has to stop drinking her problems away. She has to stop acting irresponsibly. And she has to stop obsessing over the MSL: the Man She Loves.

But things are often easier said than done, and when she discovers the MSL is attending a conference where she is presenting, she cannot hold back her burgeoning hopes.

In a Sex In the City meets Toy Story scenario, the Countess lives in an unusual household where her chief confidantes, known as the accessories, are a collection of beloved handbags, a beautiful sheepskin coat and her teddy bear who provide her with support and advice.

As the conference gets underway, the Countess tries hard to focus on work, but encouraged by the accessories, she cannot resist the draw of the MSL.

The bags might talk but this is no kids book…

Tales of the Countess is a highly original chicklit novel by British author Cali Bird, about the need to find happiness in yourself before you get your man.

Buy it now for the perfect piece of romantic escapism.







Ok “different kind of romcom” ALERT! This one is a doozie, and not in the way you are thinking. Let’s just say the “unconventional story” factor went off the charts with this one, and the truth is….it worked!

The Countess of Kennington is your typical paint the town red kinda girl. She’s full on partying, drinking and just completely irresponsible. But it’s time to get her life in order and grow the heck up, stop fixating on the MSL (man she loves) who brushes her off as if she doesn’t exist, and GET IT TOGETHER. So when the Countess heads to a conference for a public speaking event and finds out the MSL is going to be in the audience, all the uneasiness and jitters from the thought of publicly speaking in front of him magnifies to an unbelievable height. Unable to turn to alcohol to drink her fears away as usual, the Countess only has one other option for help, and consults her beloved accessories and teddy bear for help. Will they truly be the help she needs, or will this end up a total disaster?

Yep, you read that correctly,  I said she turns to her accessories and bear.  I wasn’t joking either.  Now if you have an imagination, can allow yourself some lee-way, and just pretend that having handbags and coats talking and giving you advice is no different than the normal voices we hear in our head chattering at us on a daily basis (don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about) then you are going to absolutely love this book.

Truly a unique premise, Cali Bird executes this tale brilliantly.  It is the epitome of quirky and unorthodox, and takes romcom to a whole other level. I loved it. It’s an episode of GIRLS with the supporting cast literally being the ‘supporting’ cast. This is quite an enjoyable read, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard, and the romance was spot on. Once you start into this book you won’t be able to put it down, and like me, I guarantee you will be hoping for a sequel. Cali Bird’s debut hit the mark. Truly a wonderful read.

Thank you so much to Cali Bird, Sarah Hardy from Books on the Bright Side Publicity & Promo, CSD Publishing, and Amazon Digital, for my gifted copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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About the Author


Cali is in her mid-fifties and lives in Bedfordshire. She was single until she was nearly forty and used to be the archetypal career girl, living in Central London and working in investment banking. One day, she had an epiphany, realised that she needed to honour her creative side and started writing. Since then, she had various side projects including running a life-coaching business, giving self-development talks and blogging about creativity at She has practised Buddhism for over thirty years and is a self-confessed tree-hugger.

Cali has known her husband, Graham, since they were at school together. Although they once had a smooch when they were nineteen, they didn’t get back in contact for many years. Within a month of their first date, they realised they had found someone special in each other, but it was another few years before they were married at the tender age of forty-six. It’s never too late to find love!




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