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The Request

by David Bell

Publishing June 30, 2020

by Berkley



About the book

Ryan Francis has it all—great job, wonderful wife, beautiful child—and he loves posting photos of his perfect life on social media. Until the night his friend Blake asks him to break into a woman’s home to retrieve incriminating items that implicate Blake in an affair. Ryan refuses to help, but when Blake threatens to reveal Ryan’s darkest secret—which could jeopardize everything in Ryan’s life—Ryan has no choice but to honor Blake’s request.

When he arrives at the woman’s home, Ryan is shocked to find her dead—and just as shocked to realize he knows her. Then his phone chimes, revealing a Facebook friend request from the woman. With police sirens rapidly approaching, Ryan flees, wondering why his friend was setting him up for murder.

Determined to keep his life intact and to clear his name, Ryan must find the real murderer—but solving the crime may lead him closer to home than he ever could have imagined.



“A terrifically tense thriller with a femme fatale who will keep you guessing until the very end.”—Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Lock Every Door


“[A] fast-paced thriller….Bell keeps the reader guessing whodunit until the end.”—Publishers Weekly


“[A] canny new thriller….Those seeking an intelligent, believable thriller that plays intriguing tricks with the formula of the gullible man and conniving woman won’t be disappointed.”—The Columbus Dispatch
“David Bell takes what could have been a fleeting moment between strangers to tell a whirlwind story about secrets, regrets, and sacrifice. LAYOVER is a deliciously infectious thriller.”—Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author of The Wife


“David Bell is a top-notch storyteller….I flew through this twisting, riveting psychological thriller.”—Cristina Alger, New York Times bestselling author of Girls Like Us


“A killer premise kicks off David Bell’s twisty, breakneck thriller, and has you tearing through the pages to a shattering finale.”—Louise Candlish, international bestselling author of Our House





My thoughts

I have this love-hate relationship with David Bell. I absolutely love that he can write such captivating edge of your seat thrillers, and I hate that he writes such captivating edge of your seat thrillers with the most perfectly stupid characters, and still ends up with a brilliant novel, EVERY TIME. Where does David Bell find these people? I swear the friends in his head live in a neighborhood full of really gullible people.

So in a nutshell, Ryan Francis has a past, one he would like to keep perfectly hidden. He’s on a good path to keep things that way until his old college BFF Blake comes around in a bit of trouble and decides to blackmail Ryan into helping him out, or else reveal Ryan’s past. Though reluctant, breaking into some lady’s house while she’s not home seems harmless enough, so Ryan decides to take the deal. Until he finds the woman dead. Then all hell breaks loose, everyone becomes a suspicious character, secret after secret unfolds to unleash a road full of twists and turns that becomes one fast-paced thriller with a very unsuspected ending.

Last year in my review of Bell’s LAYOVER, I said he writes books like an episode of DATELINE NBC, and I hold true to that statement. You often wonder how some of these people get sucked into these deceitful experiences, yet you can’t turn yourself away from watching, and for some reason David Bell knows how to capture them on paper in the most brilliant fashion. Like with all of David’s books, you immediately get drawn into to this page-turning story and find yourself unable to stop. (No, really, he ends each chapter in just the way that you MUST keep reading, you JUST HAVE TO). His characters are smart enough to be your average neighbors, yet just stupid enough to get drug into these shifty schemes that becomes one enigma of a thriller. There is no stopping this man, he knows how to keep you right on the ledge, hanging on every word, trying to figure out the culprit right up until the end, only to find out you were wrong, and not believe how you missed it. Once again as frustrated as David Bell makes me, I still always end up giving him 5 stars. He deserves it. He is one hell of a writer. Gullible characters and all!

I just would like to thank Davie Bell,, Suzanne Leopold of Suzy Approved Book Tours and Berkley Publishing for the copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.




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About the Author

David Bell is a USA Today bestselling, award-winning author whose work has been translated into multiple foreign languages. He’s currently an associate professor of English at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he directs the MFA program. He received an MA in creative writing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and a PhD in American literature and creative writing from the University of Cincinnati. His previous novels include Layover, Somebody’s Daughter, Bring Her Home, Since She Went Away, The Forgotten Girl, Never Come Back, The Hiding Place, and Cemetery Girl.

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