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About The Liar

• Paperback: 122 pages
• Publisher: Alison Ragsdale (March 29, 2020)
• ISBN-10: 173303773X
• ISBN-13: 978-1733037730

An accomplished liar who finally faces the truth about herself. A self-conscious lawyer who must quell her secret crush on her best friend’s fiancé. A stray dog that heals the hurt of his rescuers. A food critic who makes a startling discovery while reviewing a stylish bistro. A young widow who finds hope in the discarded wedding veil that floats out of a truck, and lands at her feet.

With these, and other tales of love, regret and hope, The Liar and other stories will make you laugh, cry, and marvel at the strength of the human spirit.





Wonderful collection of short stories – Carla S., Amazon Reviewer


I have really enjoyed each story and have already reread a few – sonnysmom, Amazon Reviewer


Another gem! I’m a fan of Alison Ragsdale books, and it was fun to read these lovely vignettes, all with her unique wit and voice. – Peggy M., Amazon Reviewer


A lovely, heart warming, wonderful little book of stories that is a perfect treat and would make a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one. Alison Ragsdale writes from the heart and I recommend this and all her beautiful books.
A pleasure to read! – KateRockLitChic, Amazon Reviewer


Wonderful, thought-provoking short stories to savor – Linda K., Amazon Reviewer





My Thoughts 


It’s hard to write a review on short stories because you want to talk about each story individually, and we’d be here forever! So let me tell you just a few things about this book.

The Liar and other Stories is just a small book at only about 120 pages, and is filled with 21 short stores about life, love, depression and indignation.  You name the emotion and Allison has addressed it.  You can devour the book in one sitting or carry it around with you to grab a story while you wait somewhere, as each story is only 2-3 pages long.  The novel is written with Allison’s usual poignant tone, with characters that are so relatable they can be your own family or neighbors.  Allison has the uncanny ability to write emotion like no other, because even as these stories are short, you still feel every moment right along with the characters as if you were there, so prepare yourself to become attached to some of the individuals rather quickly.  Then prepare yourself to say good-bye just as quick, as this is the only unfortunate side of short tales.    Addressing so many different issues, in so many different ways, Allison has written a heartwarming and uplifting book of stories that give you just a little hope right when we need it the most.  I highly recommend this book.  5 stars.

Thank you to @allisonragsdalewrites and @katerocklitchick for my gifted copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion for review.



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About Allison Ragsdale

A proud Scots lass, I was born in Edinburgh and the connection to my homeland has never left me. Consequently, my novels are set in the stunning Highlands and islands of Scotland.

I’ve had what could be termed a varied career. I trained as a professional ballet dancer and worked in the field of dance for many years. When an injury called a halt to that, I eventually became a marketing executive. After two decades in that world, I started my own health-services business but it took too great a toll on me so my husband encouraged me to focus on writing, as I’d always dreamed of doing.

I took the leap of faith in 2014 and dived into my first full-length novel TUESDAY’S SOCKS. It was a scary feeling, putting my ‘baby’ out there, but I was delighted when readers fell for my sweet protagonist, Jeffrey Mere. TUESDAY’S SOCKS soon became an Amazon bestseller. My second novel, THE FATHER-DAUGHTER CLUB, came out at the end of 2014. I was thrilled when it too made it to an Amazon best seller list, receiving a wonderful review from Kirkus Reviews, and going on to win the 2016, IPPY Bronze medal for Best Regional Fiction – Europe.

My third Amazon best selling novel, FINDING HEATHER, was released in October 2016 and my fourth, A LIFE UNEXPECTED, won a 2018 IPPY Bronze medal in the Popular Fiction category, then become an Amazon best seller too.

THE ART OF REMEMBERING, released in July, 2019 debuted as a best seller. It has since been included in BookBub’s Best Book Club Book list for July and August, 2019, was honored as a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards – Literary category, and was nominated for the Goodreads Readers Choice Award, 2019.

THE LIAR AND OTHER STORIES is my first collection of short stories and will be released on May 12th, 2020.

While I didn’t set out to be an author, it has always been a dream of mine and now, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband and the forces of the universe, that has become a reality.

I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I loved writing them.

Find out more about Alison at

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Happy Reading and Be Nice!



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