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Sister Dear

by Hannah Mary McKinnon 

Published May 26, 2020




About the book

Beauty. Wealth. Success.

She’s got it all.

And it all should’ve been mine.

When Eleanor Hardwicke’s beloved father dies, her world is further shattered by a gut-wrenching secret: the man she’s grieving isn’t really her dad. Eleanor was the product of an affair and her biological father is still out there, living blissfully with the family he chose. With her personal life spiraling, a desperate Eleanor seeks him out, leading her to uncover another branch on her family tree—an infuriatingly enviable half sister.

Perfectly perfect Victoria has everything Eleanor could ever dream of. Loving childhood, luxury home, devoted husband. All of it stolen from Eleanor, who plans to take it back. After all, good sisters are supposed to share. And quiet little Eleanor has been waiting far too long for her turn to play.




“A stunning achievement! Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, Hannah Mary McKinnon proved me wrong. Beautifully plotted story with characters that left a mark.” — Samantha Downing, author of #1 International Bestseller, My Lovely Wife

“Loss, love, revenge, buried secrets and greed add up to make Sister Dear an electrifying read. If you think you know where this story is headed, watch out. Hannah Mary McKinnon has a few tricks up her sleeve. A must read!”—Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl and The Other Mrs.

 “A brilliant, breathless thriller that crackles with suspense and heart-thumping twists. I finished this absorbing, creepy and downright sinister novel in the wee hours of the night. And the ending…perfection! Sister Dear is McKinnon’s best book yet.”—Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence and Before She Was Found

“Sister Dear drew me in, had me hooked and I was never really sure what to expect (in a good way)! or who to trust. I thought it was dark, twisty, compelling and also heartbreaking. I really felt for Eleanor and didn’t see the ending coming at all! Unputdownable and I truly enjoyed reading it to see how the intertwined lives would unfold. Highly recommended!”—Karen Hamilton, international bestselling author of The Perfect Girlfriend

“A grieving daughter, a jealous sister—nothing is as it seems in Hannah Mary McKinnon’s latest slow-burn suspense, Sister Dear. This one creeps up the back of your neck then explodes into an ending that I guarantee you won’t soon forget…and will leave you begging for a sequel. Smart, addictive, and genuinely surprising.”—Kimberly Belle, internationally bestselling author of The Marriage Lie and Dear Wife

“Sister Dear is fabulous, with a bombshell twist you won’t see coming. I devoured it.”—Kaira Rouda, internationally bestselling author of The Favorite Daughter

“Stunningly layered and brilliantly written, Hannah Mary McKinnon’s Sister Dear captures the essence of twisted sisters. A slow-burn domestic suspense, with complex, remarkable characters, that hurtles to a shocking, fiery climax you won’t see coming.”—Samantha M. Bailey, author of Woman on the Edge

“A taut psychological suspense novel with a finely wrought protagonist, Sister Dear will have us all wondering how well we really know each other.”—Wendy Heard, author of Hunting Annabelle and The Kill Club

“Hannah Mary McKinnon keeps getting better! Her latest domestic suspense ratchets up the tension as one sister stalks another. Jealousy and betrayal go hand in hand as readers try to guess, in this family, who is predator and who is prey.”—Mindy Mejia, internationally acclaimed author of Leave No Trace



My thoughts

This is certainly not my first Hannah Mary McKinnon book. I jumped at the chance to be on the Harlequin/MIRA blog tour for the new release just to get my hands on a copy. If you haven’t read any of her books, just know you are always in for a totally emotional story with a shocking twist at the end that leaves you reeling, and guess what….. McKinnon may have outdone herself here.

It’s a simple tale, Eleanor is brought up with a terrible childhood by a horrid mother (Eleanor is a total mess). When her father dies (the only person who ever cared about her) she finds out she is not even his real daughter. This poor girl goes off to find her real daddy who ends up being a pretty well off guy and he tells her to get lost and wants nothing to do with her. So then meek little Elle finds out she has a half-sister, Victoria, and she decides to befriend her, maybe become BFFs, that kind of thing, because Victoria is pretty well off herself, except without letting her know they are sisters. But things seem to take a twist we never see coming, and this family drama becomes a lot more of a twisted thriller, and at some point wonder to yourself who in this story is fooling who?

Fast paced and hard to put down, McKinnon does it again with her family based thrillers that pull all the punches right at the end. She knows just how to write her characters with enough depth that you become temporarily engrossed in their lives, and knocked out cold in the end when the punch lands you square in the face and you NEVER saw it coming. How McKinnon keeps imagining these brilliant 5 star reads is beyond me, but I’m all in lady, keep them coming! You cannot miss this one! This will keep you up all night turning the pages. Yes 5 stars! A must read.

I just would like to thank Hannah Mary McKinnon and MIRA at Harlequin Publishing for the copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.




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About the Author

Hannah Mary McKinnon was born in the UK, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 2010. After a successful career in recruitment, she quit the corporate world in favor of writing, and is now the author of The Neighbors and Her Secret Son. She lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and three sons, and is delighted by her twenty-second commute. You can find more about he at:




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