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All The Silent Voices by Elena Mikalsen, another book being brought to you by Suzy Approved Book Tours.  As always,  Suzy’s choices in books and authors do not disappoint.  




About the book:

Twenty-one years ago, Emma Shephard was sexually assaulted and forced to leave college. She has tried to forget the trauma, building a new life as a loving wife and parent with a successful marketing career. Then her world is rocked when her rapist buys the pharmaceutical company where she works.

Now it’s an impossible choice between keeping the safe life she’s created and pursuing justice. With her marriage at risk and her child in danger, Emma finds herself at the center of ugly secrets and scandals.







My review

This is another one of those reviews where I don’t quite know where to start.

I have a fear of not being included.  I’ve been like that since I was little.  I’m always afraid I am going to be ‘left out,’ not be ‘one of the gang,’ or considered as ‘part of the group,’ and even worse, not invited to gatherings.  But this, well this is the first time in my life I have ever been grateful to not be included in something, the #MeToo movement.  That’s not to say I don’t support it.  Oh no, I am with them 100%.  But I can honestly say that as of this point in my life I am not a “#MeToo-er.”  Thank God for not being included in something for once.

Here is where I am having trouble starting this review.  The thing is, I just don’t know what to say.  I mean, I’ve known about sexual assault, the trauma, PTSD, all that stuff, but reading it in a book like this really brought it to life.  It’s changed me.  I put myself in Emma Shepard’s shoes, and God, I don’t know how she did it.  Once again Elena Mikalsen has written a book that has completely carried me away into another world, another life, and changed me.  This woman can really capture emotion on paper.

I’m not going to give you a synopsis, you can read that on your own above.  But what I can tell you is that this is a book about emotional trauma and revenge.  It is fiction, and it is wonderful.  This is my second book by Elena, the first “The House by the Cypress Trees” blew me away.  It made me have feelings I didn’t know I could have, and made me fall in love with love all over again.  When I had the opportunity to pick up her next book All the Silent Voices, I knew I couldn’t get my hands on it quick enough.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.  I am amazed by Mikalsen’s ability to write a romantic book about love and make me have so much feelings, to then write a book about sexual trauma, and make me have so many more feelings…. different ones…. different emotions….. from somewhere I don’t even know existed, and make them be so strong.   How can someone possibly relate to the human psyche so well, and draw that much emotion and feeling out of someone just by writing a book?   Well, I don’t really know, but Elena Mikalsen has done it.  Her ability to write about those feelings you hold inside your head, and your body, that you don’t know how to explain, is brilliant.  She has figured out a way to put every emotion down on paper and bring her characters to life.

This book is wonderful.  It deals with some strong subject matter, but it’s a necessary fictional read.  For once in your life, be glad like me that you weren’t included in something, {the #MeToo collective}, but be sure to pick up this book so that you can understand what its like for someone who has.  Plus, its got some crazy fictional revenge in it as well.  You’ll love it.

I just would like to thank Elena Mikalsen, Suzanne Leopold of Suzy Approved Book Tours and (#partner) The Wild Rose Press, Inc. for the copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.








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About the Author


My novels are all about love. WRAPPED IN THE STARS is about love that lasts forever. Two lovers, Mark and Rebecca, got separated in the early 20th century, but their love remained behind, it didn’t die. Part of their love stayed in the ring that Mark gave to Rebecca. So, when this ring is found years later, another couple picks up the energy from their Mark and Rebecca’s love and falls in love themselves.

In THE HOUSE BY THE CYPRESS TREES I explore romantic love. That wild feeling of new love when you first fall for someone and you want to spend every moment with them and you will do anything for them.

In ALL THE SILENT VOICES that will come out sometime next winter, I explore the depth of love between a husband and wife and what challenges a good marriage can withstand. How far will a wife go for her husband and how far will a husband go for his wife?

Finally, in the novel I am working on right now, CITY OF GLASS, the focus is on sibling love. A sister sacrifices everything to save her brother.

I am somewhat obsessive about travel, but, when I am at home, in San Antonio, I can be found browsing through bookstores or antique shops with my husband and two children.

When not writing stories, I am a Pediatric Psychologist helping children with chronic medical illness. I blog on issues of mental health for teens and adults. I enjoy working with the media due to my expertise in managing anxiety, stress, and parenting issues. I provide consultation to authors on writing about mental health.



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