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About the Book

Jack and Ellie Miller have been happily married for eighteen years and lead a perfectly ordinary life with their three children in an idyllic Connecticut town. Jack is an economics professor at Yale and Ellie owns a thriving yoga studio. Although day-to-day life isn’t always carefree, they exist in a world where carpools, soccer games, and bedtimes are their biggest concerns.

However, all good things must come to an end. The Millers’ picture-perfect life gets turned upside down when Jack gets an unwelcome visit from a ghost from his past, their sixteen-year-old daughter Sydney decides to let down her hair and trade her backpack for a six-pack, and Ellie gets shocking news that requires immediate action.

Jack and Ellie can barely pull themselves away from these unexpected challenges long enough to notice that Sydney is careening downward in her own dangerous spiral; but they need to find a way to overcome their issues if they want to save their daughter and their marriage.





Ugh sometimes I am such an idiot. I mean I really just do stupid things. Take a few seconds and tell me if you’ve done this one too.

So what do you think about independently published books? The thing is, I never really thought about them. Really, I mean they were just books that some no-name published themselves, and other than a quick glance, I never even gave them a second thought. Until now. Have you noticed how many people are independently publishing their books? I mean even big named authors and people we all know are jumping into this game. It doesn’t even need a second thought anymore to pick up an inde book, you just do it on first thought with no reservations.

This is where my stupidity comes into play.
Here I am reviewing books online as a hobby, and working with some great PR people who ask me to read and review for them. OF COURSE. So without a doubt I am willing to read First Came Us by Rachel Cullen. This will be my first book from her, I am told she has 3 previous novels that have done well.

Commence reading.

This book is awesome. Told in 3 different points of view from the main characters, we learn a lot about family, love, and keeping secrets. When Jack, Ellie and their daughter Sydney each run into their own individual problems, ones they prefer to keep to themselves, they become so self absorbed that they start to miss the important things going on around them. Of course things start to crumble and Sydney starts down a path of destruction. As the secrets are revealed, this family suddenly learns that they need to come together, or else everything they built together may just fall apart.

Rachel Cullen sucks you in immediately with this book and you feel like you are right inside these characters minds. Each and every one of them are relatable and I felt like I was right there living in that house. The family drama could have been my own! I read this one in one sitting, and the storyline kept me turning the pages. What an enjoyable read. Rachel Cullen’s writing is smooth and inviting and I will definitely keep reading her books.  4 Stars from me.

Look at that! Really, honestly and truly, I just said that about an independently published book. Think….. how many amazing authors and books have I missed out on by not considering picking up a book that is independently published? Could I really have been that stupid? Yes, it appears I can. God what an idiot. I know for certain I won’t allow myself to ever be so close-minded again. How many of you can say to yourself you’ve done the same?

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Thank you Rachel Cullen and Kate Rock Book Tours for my copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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First Came Us cupcakes made by @flowerbakebyangela in Pelham NY for the official launch party at Pelham Public Library.




About the Author

Although I have always loved to write, my formal education did not focus on creative writing.  I graduated from Northwestern University with Honors in Religious Studies and then I earned my MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business with a focus in marketing and finance.

Before I started writing, I worked in brand strategy consulting and marketing for over ten years, moving between San Francisco, London and Manhattan.  I currently live in Westchester, NY with my husband, three daughters and two dogs (Cocoa and Graham).

I’ve written four books, The Way I’ve Heard It Should Be, Second Chances, Only Summer and First Came Us and I’m working on my fifth novel now.



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Happy Reading!




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