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Plastic by Frank Strausser


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About the book:

Dr. Harry Previn, the renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, is secretly called in to operate on the disfigured face of the ravishingly beautiful teen pop star Fay Wray following an assault. Surrounded by image makers who value beauty over all else, he soon fears Fay is in mortal danger. Will he risk everything to save her beauty, her life, or himself?

Plastic is a novel of psychological suspense about a heinous crime that leads to a desperate Hollywood cover up. Welcome to “The Capital of Good Looks,” an ephemeral world of celebrity and beauty crashing at the intersection of Hollywood and rock and roll.



Book Blurbs

“Hollywood satire meets crime fiction―an extremely Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-style combination of two of our favorite flavors!”―Flavorwire

“Edgy. Pretty shocking. You wonder what the heck is going to happen!”―NPR

“A shrewd and poignant satire of America’s unhealthy obsession with beauty and perfection, Plastic is a brisk and addictive read that you won’t be able to put down! As you would expect from an author who’s also a playwright, the dialogue is razor sharp and crackles like popcorn. Highly recommended!”―Internet Review of Books

“A Raymond Chandleresque vivisection of Tinseltown’s beautymakers.”―Noah Wyle, Theatre, TV, & Film Actor

“Existing at the intersection of Nip/Tuck and Nathanael West, Frank Strausser’s Plastic unwinds the darker side of our national (and regional, distinctly Angeleno) obsession with beauty. In crisp, clear-eyed prose, Strausser takes a theme as old as time―or at least as old as TInseltown―and renews it. Plastic is a blast.―Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine and That Summertime Sound

“Frank Strausser’s novel, Plastic, is a delicious, caustic comedy of manners with a dose of suspense that keeps its pages turning.”―Foreword Reviews, Rating:5 out of 5

“Plastic pulls back the operating room curtain to reveal Hollywood celebrity in the raw.”―Mike Sager, Esquire contributor and author of The Lonely Hedonist




My review

So a medical thriller plus Hollywood beauty in a satirical fiction book.  I should just stop right here.  You know I’m going to read this one.  I mean the only thing Frank Strausser needed to do is make this novel Christmas themed and I would have been bouncing off the walls in sheer pleasure.  All I can picture Nathan Lane playing Harry Previn on Broadway just tearing this story apart (and I mean in a good way, because I adore Nathan Lane on Broadway).

This is a story about plastic surgeon Harry Pervin and his ego.  See, Harry is the plastic surgeon to the stars, and he wants to keep it that way.  Unfortunately he just had a surgery go terribly wrong, his wife is in the process of divorcing him and it appears things are falling apart.  In order to keep his name clean and out of the public, when a young star is brutally attacked and her face is mauled, Harry is forced to repair her injuries on the down low for the sake of his career. Unfortunately for Harry his morality gets called into play when this case takes on a whole different meaning of the words “cover up.”   What will Harry do?

You’re going to think I am weird but this was actually a fun read for me.  You know I love anything medical, so when I’m reading something like this where people have to make serious ethical decisions that affect their medical career, you know I’m screaming out loud at the book.   When we are dealing with Hollywood and Stars, there is always that crazy sense of “Real Housewives” floating around in my head.  So imagine what kind of comedy of errors was occurring in my head when I was picturing this Hollywood medical thriller play out in my mind.   I found it to be fast paced and hard to put down, enjoying some of the “in real life comparisons” the author used.  I enjoyed reading about the “obsession” with beauty and looking good, and the overall commentary was just right up my alley.  I hope Frank Strausser has another one of these up his sleeves.    My rating:  4 Stars.

I just would like to thank Frank Strausser, Suzanne Leopold of Suzy Approved Book Tours and Rare Bird Books (#partner)  for the gifted copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.



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About the Author


Frank Strausser came of age as a producer, playwright, and novelist while living in The Capital of Good Looks. His plays include Psycho Therapy, The Powder Room, The Split, Valentine Triage, and Wishing Well. Plastic is his first novel. He studied story and character development with Robert McKee and with the late Milton Katselias,             at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Strausser is currently working on his second novel, Here Comes The Son. He completed the Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Program at Harvard University and majored       in English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He divides his time between Palm Beach and Los Angeles with his wife and son.






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