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Welcome to my stop on “THE WIDOW” by Will Patching Blog Tour.  This is an amazing thriller novel that I had the privilege of reading, and hopefully now you will read it too.


About the Book

A brutally murdered husband. An abused wife who wanted him gone for good… Did the wealthy widow arrange his death—and can a disgraced detective discover the truth?
“Your husband is dead.”

Lorraine Rowe receives the news from an anonymous killer threatening her too—unless she pays an inflated fee for her estranged partner’s murder. Overwhelmed by fear and indecision, Lorraine struggles to survive as her carefully constructed life of lies begins to unravel.

Detective Sergeant Fiona ‘Fifi’ Fielding is fighting for her future after allowing her violent temper to jeopardise her career. Is it karma that dumps a man’s badly tortured corpse on her doorstep—or something more sinister? And will the ensuing investigation enable Fiona to redeem herself?

Both women have lived through traumatic events and have much in common, but when the truth-seeker meets the accomplished dissembler, events spiral inexorably towards a deadly climax.

This hard-hitting, twisted thriller weaves deception, misdirection and psychological torment into a page-turning tale of murder and mayhem that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Not for the faint of heart…

The Widow is the first standalone novel in a loosely linked series inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins.

Deadly Inspirations – Book one ‘GREED’

A British Police Thriller featuring Detective Sergeant Fiona ‘Fifi’ Fielding. If you like complex plots, strong female characters, and high-stakes murder mysteries with plenty of suspense, you’ll love Will Patching’s latest gripping novel.



This is my first book by Will Patching, and if this is how he normally writes, it certainly will not be my last.  I understand this is his seventh novel, so clearly he knows what he is doing, and I agree.

Of course there is nothing I love more than getting my hands on another thriller book, and when the opportunity to review The Widow became available, I jumped immediately.  I’m once again glad I did.  This is first book in a new series developed by Mr. Patching, and although it can be read as a standalone novel, I look forward to what he continues to do with these characters, hoping for their return.

Since I am unfamiliar with “Fifi” from Patching’s other novels, I was able to follow along with her character without feeling like I was at a loss.  The story is very gripping from the start, and as the author states in his forward, it has ‘disturbing imagery’ and ‘profanity’ throughout the tale but it adds to the realism of the story without being overly gruesome.  Amazingly, amongst the murders, the story centers around 2 women who have to struggle to get along, and the author does a great job of writing about female relationships that I find quite impressive for a male (and I will leave it at that).

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat reading and you will devour it quite quickly.  The entire time you are reading you will constantly be trying to figure out who the culprit might be, and you will be constantly changing your mind.  The author certainly keeps you on your toes and there is enough twists and turns that you will not be able to put it down until the very surprising end.  Because I do “no spoilers” with my reviews, if I say much more (and believe me I really want to) I will ruin this amazing and action packed tale of suspense.

I can’t wait to get my hands on another the next Will Patching book.    I think there’s another new thriller author coming to my dinner table.   Solid 4 stars for this book.  I loved it.

Thank you to Will Patching, Amazon Digital and Sarah Hardy from Book On The Bright Side Publicity and Promo for the opportunity to read and review this book for my unbiased and honest review.


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Author Bio

Will Patching was born and raised in ‘Sarf Lunnon’, Engerland, or at least, that’s how he pronounces it! Hence, many scenes from his novels are situated in London, the surrounding suburbs and other parts of southeast England, though they also span as far afield as Thailand and the USA.

His approach to writing is to hit the reader with hard truths about the world we live in, and his mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels are designed to get your pulse pounding. One male reader decided he needed to check his door locks late one night while reading Remorseless and subsequently commented on social media:

‘Seriously scary!’

Will’s eclectic professional experience – from his teenage role as a ‘gardener’ weeding sewage treatment filter beds, through flying a Hawk jet very fast, very low and very dangerously before the RAF realised and booted him out, then attending Harvard on a course for potential CEOs, largely thanks to the Peter Principle of promotion, and more recently, to building his dream, a charter yacht that sank in SE Asian waters – all have led to a rich and varied life, often reflected in his writing.



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