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Welcome to my stop on the “Rage” by Netta Newbound Tour.  This is an amazing thriller novel that I had the privilege of reading, and hopefully now you will read it too.


About the Book

Nurse, Lizzi Yates, is assigned to provide end-of-life care to Charlie Maidley, one of Britain’s footballing legends, on the condition she keeps his identity a secret.

Unbeknownst to Lizzi, Charlie’s doctors have agreed to allow his sister, Miriam, to take him home to die on the strict understanding he remains in an induced coma, due to his history of assaulting women—a side effect of his brain tumour.

Miriam goes away on business, leaving Lizzi in charge, but a mishap with Charlie’s medication has Lizzi questioning why he is spending his final days comatose. Deciding he is being sedated without just cause, she makes the call to wake him up. However, a string of events and the discovery of a girl’s body at the bottom of the garden lead her to wonder if she’s made the right decision.

Who is the killer?

Could Lizzi be his next victim?



This is my first book by Netta Newbound, and if this is how all her books are written, it certainly will not be my last.  What a read.

When I read the synopsis for this book I was immediately intrigued, anything with nurse involvement is something I want to get my hands on.  Not only do I love medical thrillers, I enjoy picking apart all the medical aspects of the book to see what I agree or disagree with, it makes me feel a little more connected to the case.  (Just a little sidebar).  This one was no different.

Rage is about a nurse Lizzi who is hired privately to take care of a homebound patient Charlie who is in an induced coma.  When Charlie’s sister leaves Lizzi unattended in the house to go out of town, Lizzi starts to question if the patient really needs to be comatose in the days leading up to his death, and unaware of the circumstances leading to his drug induced coma, weans him off his medications and allows him to wake up.

As a murder investigation suddenly develops in the neighborhood outside the home of where Lizzi is caring for Charlie, and after meeting an oddball yet suspicious cast of characters in the neighborhood, Lizzi now questions if allowing Charlie to wake was the correct decision, or if there is someone in the neighborhood she needs to worry about.

Let me first start by saying that no nurse would ever do what Lizzi did.  That’s not to say there isn’t a nurse who hasn’t WANTED to do what Lizzi did, or hasn’t seen similar situations, but no good nurse would ever wean a patient off their meds on their own like Lizzi did unless they clearly wanted to lose their job and license.  But, for the sake of this story, and the fact that it made the book all the more thrilling, I am willing to admit that there are probably people in the world who would go ahead do something like this.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat reading and you will devour it quite quickly.  The characters are normal, likable, every-day sort of people, so you could be in your own neighborhood.  The entire time you are reading you will constantly be trying to figure out who the murderer might be, and you will be constantly changing your mind.  The author certainly keeps you on your toes, and the book is not in the least bit predictable at all.  I don’t ever do spoilers, but I will tell you that you won’t see this coming regardless.

I cant wait to get my hands on another Netta Newbound book, I hear all her other thrillers are just as good.  I think I have another new thriller author to add to the TBR.   Netta, I give your a solid 4 stars for this book.  I loved it.  Keep writing the thrillers with the medical twists, I love them.

Thank you to Netta Newbound, Junction Publishing and Sarah Hardy from Book On The Bright Side Publicity and Promo for the opportunity to read and review this book for my unbiased and honest review.


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Author Bio

Netta Newbound, originally from Manchester, England, has lived in New Zealand with her husband Paul for the past 22 years, but they are on the move again. By August, they will be back in Cumbria, UK, and she vows this is the very last move!

As a child, Netta was plagued by a wild imagination, often getting in trouble for making up weird and wonderful stories. Yet she didn’t turn her attention to writing until after her children had grown and left home.

Most of her inspiration comes from the horror greats–Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Richard Layman.Netta mostly writes psychological thriller novels, all of which consistently rank highly in the best seller categories. She is currently writing a series of crime thrillers with Marcus Brown, her son-in-law and business partner.




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    1. You’re welcome Sarah, I enjoy working with you and I loved this book. I look forward to reading her future work!!


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