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When I first started on bookstagram, I didn’t know anything about blog tours.  The whole bookstagram world was brand new to me.  As I started to get my feet wet, I saw some of my friends doing these “tours” and featuring these books that they had read.   Not only did the books look great, but I really wanted to help promote for the authors too.   Then a really great friend and bookstagrammer who took me under her wing and showed me around introduced me to Suzanne Leopold who runs Suzy Approved Book Tours.

I know right now you are wondering……… why on God’s green earth is she telling me all this?   Just get to the darn book Gina!    Well see, this is important, and you’re going to see why.  Remember this name:  Suzy Approved Book Tours.  I will remind you about it again later though if you forget.

So now let me tell you about Hannah Mary McKinnon’s latest novel Her Secret Son.  I was honored to be asked to be on this tour and read this book, so let’s get to it…….


About the book:

How far would you go to protect the ones you love…when they may not be yours to protect?

When Josh’s longtime partner, Grace, dies in a tragic accident, he is left with a mess of grief—and full custody of her seven-year-old son, Logan. While not his biological father, Josh has been a dad to Logan in every way that counts, and with Grace gone, Logan needs him more than ever.

Wanting to do right by Logan, Josh begins the process of becoming his legal guardian—something that seems suddenly urgent, though Grace always brushed it off as an unnecessary formality. But now, as Josh struggles to find the paperwork associated with Logan’s birth, he begins to wonder whether there were more troubling reasons for Grace’s reluctance to make their family official.

As he digs deeper into the past of the woman he loved, Josh soon finds that there are many dark secrets to uncover, and that the truth about where Logan came from is much more sinister than he could have imagined…

Tightly paced and brimming with tension, Her Secret Son is a heartbreakingly honest portrait of a family on the edge of disaster and a father desperate to hold on to the boy who changed his life.


Book Blurbs

Book Blurbs:

“An engrossing mix of suspense, grief, and family drama…a powerful tale.”

— “Kimberly Belle, author of The Marriage Lie”

“Emotionally tense and brimming with secrets, McKinnon showcases love in all its purity and peril.”

— “Mindy Mejia, author of Leave No Trace”


My review

The above synopsis is very intriguing.  Makes you think this is a book you may want to read, right?  Well, let me tell you its very misleading, this book is not tightly paced and brimming with tension.  Make sure when you pick up this novel you have absolutely nothing else planned to do for the rest of the day, because tightly paced and brimming is a complete understatement.  This book sucked me in and had me trapped from the first chapter.   I can honestly tell you that when I hit the end of the said first chapter, I actually wrote down in my notes “WOW, what a first chapter, see ya later…”  (not kidding).

I can not believe where this book went.  The entire middle of the novel tore my heart out.  The questions running through my head, the wondering what DID Grace do, what SHOULD Josh do, and if it were me, what the heck WOULD I do?   When it comes to children and love, where does morality end and love begin?  This man, Josh, somehow has found more strength to get through this disaster than I probably ever could.

It really isn’t until the last 30 or so pages that you really find out the truth.  NO SPOILERS, I promise.  But what you need to know is that everything up until this point is relevant and just as engrossing as the first chapter, and you still have no idea where this is leading.  And then you find out.  CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC….. you did not see this coming.   You did not see any of this.  There were three times in the span of the last 30 pages that I had to put the book down and say “holy crap” and take a breather before I started back in again.   (Once again, I kid you not – although I did say “get out” and “shut up” the other two times).   Blown away people.  Literally, blown away.

I must make note of one particular thing.  The very last paragraph of the book.  Beautifully written.  Probably one of the most beautiful closings I’ve ever read.  I actually went to my notes when I finished the book and wrote the only other sentence on the page “ending paragraph, what a closing.”

This was my first book by Hannah Mary McKinnon.  I understand she has 2 previous.  I need to read them.  Her mind, her writing, so fluid, so smooth, so deep and creative.  I am anxious to see if it has carried through all her novels or if she has progressed as an author.  Regardless of that answer, this novel is brilliant.  Highly recommend.  It gets a very big 5 star rating from me, and I will rave about it for a very long time.  Book club members, plan on reading this in the future.  It’s a rare moment when a novel can make me give it a 5 star rating and render me speechless at the same time, but Hannah Mary, I’m still sitting here shaking my head in complete awe of what you’ve written.  Emotions galore.

Before I continue I just would like to thank Hannah Mary McKinnon, Suzanne Leopold of Suzy Approved Book Tours and #partner @MIRA @Harlequin books for the copy of this book for my unbiased and honest opinion for review.


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About the Author



Hannah Mary was born in the UK, grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 2010. After a successful career in recruitment, she quit the corporate world in favor of writing. She now lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and three sons, and is delighted by her twenty-second commute.






Author Contact/Social Media



So now you probably forgot that I asked you to remember the name Suzy Approved Book Tours.  Take a few seconds and write it down, or go to your instagram, twitter or Facebook and like or follow her pages.  The reason I told you to do that is this….

Every book Suzy as offered me to read has fit into one category.  An author I am not familiar with that has written an absolutely phenomenal book.  PHENOMINAL!  EVERY SINGLE BOOK!   So please, write her name down, follow her, look at the books she promotes, follow the bloggers, instagram, FB, and Twitter accounts of all the book reviewers who read and promote them.  Not one of the books I have read have let me down, and I know as an avid reader you will love them too.

Suzy hasn’t let me down again, Her Secret Son is one you need to read now.  So go check out some of the other books she has promoted and pick a few of them up, I guarantee you are about to find some of your new favorite authors.






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